Ask Semalt Expert: Is It Worth Using Google Posts For Google My Business?

With Google My Business available for small businesses, you can now actively make use of the local seo search engine optimization services.

Michael Brown, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, assures that application allows SMEs to create a free account from which they can manage how their business appears online.

How Google Posts Work

To post work on Google My Business is quite simple. When logged into the My Business dashboard, navigate to the "posts" area which should be on the left side of the screen. From there is an option to create a new post. Businesses can use the posts to:

  • Announce daily specials or new promotions
  • Promote any new or upcoming events
  • Highlight the bestselling products or new entries

Use Google Posts or Not?

The benefit of using Google posts is still hard to determine as it is still relatively new. It is not possible to calculate site visibility, and Google has not fully tested the limitations of the posts. Nevertheless, it is easy and free to create a post which shows that it has great potential.

Google's Best Practices

As is everything else that concerns Google, there are some best practices that one must follow when creating and managing their posts.

Avoid overusing promotional and sales like language

Google forbids the use of gimmicky language such as the one providing discounts like "BOGO 50% off!!!" as they treat it as spammy advertisements. If the search algorithms get a whiff of such posts, they remove it and penalize the owner. One should use the chance to sell to the customers organic information which makes them aware of what the business currently does.

Be descriptive in each post by including as much information as possible

Since Google provides several empty fields to fill out information, it is up to the business owner to ensure that they fill out as much information as they can. Eye-catching headlines and well-focused images should help capture the attention of the user and drive them to the site. Sometimes, customers find detailed content about the post quite useful. In addition to this, the more the information, the higher the chances that crawl algorithms will capture a relevant keyword.

Timely and personal

Posts through the platform should inform on time-sensitive matters. When they cease to become relevant, there is the option to permanently delete them, or revamp them to serve another purpose. Getting personal with the posts ensures that there is a certain appeal to the local target audience.

Do not neglect the local SEO plan

Search ranking is a continuous process and so should be the effort put in maintaining the local search engine optimization services. It means attracting more links, producing content explicit to the local consumers, and collecting positive reviews.

There is no telling how useful posts will be to the small business owner but can help with the promotion of events, offers, and news for their brands.

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